🙌 A simple and universally applicable feedback widget.

With Emojion you can collect meaningful feedback fast and improve your business and services where your customers need it most.

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  • Be a feedback driven business
  • Turn anything into a source for feedback
  • Make it simple and fun for customers

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Everything you need to collect valuable feedback.

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  • Feedback

    Receive emotional feedback. Enrich responses with meta data to get a clearer image of your customer.

  • Analytics

    Understand which pages perform best and which worst. Use the comments to find out what exactly you can improve.

  • Integrations

    Get new feedback delivered right into your Slack channel.

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3 steps to a perfect feedback loop!


Start with a simple question, this reduces the barrier for visitors to engage with the feedback widget and send you relevant feedback.

Analyze and Improve

Use the feedback to directly improve areas in your business that receive the most negative feedback.


Repeat the feedback loop to continuously improve your business until it is perceived overall positive.

Use Cases: How you can apply Emojion.

With profiles you can apply Emojion in different areas of your site with widgets that are optimized towards a specific use case and fully customizable.

Blog Articles

Receive emotionional feedback for a particular piece of content.

Support & Documentation

Find out where you can improve your support pages and unclear documentation.


Get informed about bugs and technical problems.

Simple pricing that grows with you.

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  • 50 responses / month for free
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Pay only for what you use
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